Before the Competition

The Event Venue is in Yasmine Hammamet, with the official event hotel – Saphir Palace
Yasmine Hammamet, Tunisia – The location of the Registration, Help Desk, Race Briefings, Media Centre.
The Yasmine Bay car park is the location of the main race venue, including the finish line, the transition area, the VIP area and the Expo.
Yasmine Beach will be the location of all of the race starts.

Getting to the venue

The race venue area is usually not accessible by car. You can get there either on foot or on your bike. All hotels within the Yasmine Bay area are within walking distance from the venue, with the official race hotel being right across the road from the EXPO and transition area. If you are coming by taxi from other areas in Yasmine Hammamet, including from the airport, the taxi drops you outside a pedestrian walkway, which is just a 2 minute walk from the venue. If you are coming by car, you will need to park your car across the main road from Yasmine Bay, then make your way on foot to the venue. The nearest car park is about 50M walking distance from the venue.


1 X LAP = 750m
(1 LAP : 750M)
5 X LAPS = 20 Km
(1 LAP : 4kM)
2 X LAP = 5 Km
(1 LAP : 2.5kM)


1 X LAP = 450m
(1 LAP : 450M)
3 X LAPS = 10.5 Km
(1 LAP : 3.5kM)
1 X LAP = 2.5 Km
(1 LAP : 2.5kM)